Infection with Xenohaliotis californiensis

Last Modified: Fri, 23 Jun 2023 11:33:07 IST
Disease name Infection with Xenohaliotis californiensis
Animal Health Law Category if applicable N/A
Species affected Fish
Description Xenphaliotis californiensis is a intracytoplasmic rickettsial bacterium which infects the gastrointestinal epithelia in wild and farmed abalones causing Withering Abalone Syndrome. Affected abalones with show signs of pedal atrophy, mottled digestive gland, anorexia, weakness and lethargy. Affected abalones can often be found on horizonal as opposed to vertical or inverted surfaces where they are easily removed.
Status in Ireland Absent
Date of Last known case of disease in Ireland N/A
DAFM Division Responsible The Marine Institute
Link to relevant external website
Notifiable in Ireland No
WOAH Listed Yes